New Organ Extension Pedals (OEP)

These extensions are easily moved to the pedals, used in the current music piece.
New Singel Organ Extension Pedals

This is a set of 6 "naturals" and 1 "sharp/flat" handmade wooden pedal extensions.


News in organ building!

Home practice organs have earlier been built by Sven-Erik Holmlund and Jan-Erik Malmström. Parts of the manufacturing are now closed. This means that it is not possible to order any of their organs.

The development of home practice organs is in the hands of engineers that are working with new improved technological solutions. This development is aiming to provide an affordable, light weight, user friendly organ for the future, without sacrificing performance, quality of sound and feeling. An organ for all! They are also developing the equipment for interactive web lessons.

Single “Organ Extension Pedals” is now available on this home page.

Home Practice Organ

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Singel Organ Extension Pedals:


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