The Suzuki organ school

Well-thought-out progression from beginner to advanced literature

                           Volume 1 - 8

This serie is the first classical organ method for children and is part of the worldwide Suzuki Method of teaching. Recordings of the books are also available. The pieces have a well-thought-out technical progression.

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Level 1: Book 1 - 2

Level 2: Book 3 - 4

Level 3: Book 5 - 6

Level 4: Book 7 - 8

Level 5: Toccata, Adagio and Fugue in C Major by J.S.Bach, + an optional piece. (No book will be published for this) 

Volume 1.
1. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Theme and Variations, S. Suzuki 

Preparatory Exercise 
2. Little Snail, Traditional 
3. The Fly, Traditional 
4. Paris, French Folk Song 
5. Mary Had a Little Lamb, Folk Song 
6. Piglet, G. Rönnberg 
7. The Musical Box, G. Rönnberg 
8. Twinkle,  Folk Song (Pedal) 
9. Lightly Row, German Folk Song 
10. A Little Fairytale, G. Rönnberg 
11. My School Day, Folk Song 
12. London Bridge, English Folk Song 
13. Hippopotamus, G. Rönnberg 
14. Cuckoo, German Folk Song 
15. Lullaby, German Folk Song 
16. Amaryllis, J. Ghys 
17. Herdsman’s Song, Danish Folk Song 
18. Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Folk Song/ 
19. Mary Had Little Lamb (Pedal), Folk Song 
20. Chant Arabe, Anon 
21. Hot Dog, English Folk Song 
22. Song of the Wind, Folk Song 
23. Spain, Traditional 
24. Little Playmates, F.X. Chwatal 
25. Gossip Tune, German Folk Song 
26. Allegretto, C. Czerny 

Volume 6

1. Trumpet Voluntary, J. Clarke 

2. Pièce d’Orgue, C. Franck 

3. Praeludium, D. Buxtehude 

4. Sortie, C. Franck 

5. Prelude, J. S. Bach 

6. Trio, J. Lemmens 

7. Preperatory Exercise, J. G. Walther 

8. Ouverture, J. C. Schmügel

9. Toccata, G. Rönnberg 

10. Praeludium, J. G. Walther 

11. Prelude, J. S. Bach 

12. Sortie, L. Boëllman 

13. Toccata, D. Buxtehude 

Volume 2.

1. Goodbye to Winter, Folk Song 
2. Bells, French Folk Song 
3. Long, Long Ago, T.H. Bayly 
4. London Bridge, English Folk Song 
5. Lullaby, F. Schubert 
6. Amaryllis, J. Ghys 
7. Musette, Anon. 
8. Folk Song, Folk Song from Iceland 
9. Allegro, S. Suzuki 
10. Claire de Lune, J.B. Lully 
11. Amaryllis, J. Ghys 
12. Anthem, Traditional 
13. Cinderella, French Folk Song 
14. O, Come, Little Children 
15. French Folk Song, Traditional 
16. French Folk Song, Traditional 
17. Prelude, M.A. Charpentier 

Volume 3.

1. Ode to Joy, L.van. Beethoven

2. Our Tram, French Tune

3. May Song, German Folk Song

4. Swedish Lullaby, Traditional

5. tude, S.Suzuki

6. Wish Song, Folk Song

7. Chourus from "Judas Maccabaeus", G.F. Handel

8. Cristmas Song, Traditional

9. Andantino, S. Suzuki

10. Shipwreck, Danish Folk Song

11. May Time, W.A. Mozart

12. O Come, Little Children, Folk Song

13. Gavotte, A. Corelli

14. Preparatory Exercise, J. Lemmens

15. The Happy Farmer, R. Schumann

Volume 4

1. Prelude, J.Krebs

2. Minuet, H.Purcel

3. Prelude, P.C.Hartung

4. Preparatory Exercise, V.Lübeck

5. Wedding March. R.Wagner

6. Louise´s dance, G. Rönnberg

7. Preparatory Exercise, J.Bach

8. Rondeau, H.Purcell

9. March (Nutcracker Suite),P.Tchaikovsky

10. Trumpet Tune, H.Purcell

11. A Short Story, H.Lichner

12. Organ Piece, J.H Knecht

Volume 7

1. Sortie, C.Franck

2. Theme, Caprice No.24, N.Paganini

3. Preludium, M.Brosig

4. Allegro maestoso e vivace from Organ

    Sonata No.4, F. Mendelssohn

5. Creator alme siderum, J.Lemmens

6. Toccata D Minor, BWV 565, J.S.Bach

7. Préambule, L.Vierne

8. Praeludium, C.Czerny

9. Jese Joy of Man´s Desiring, J.S.Bach

10. Fantasie, T.Dubois

11. Menuetto, Organ Sonata No.4, A.Guilmant

12. Organ Piece, H.Berens

13. Fanfare, J.Lemmens

14. Chorale, BWV 601 from Orgelbüchlein

      ("Herr Gott, nun sei gepreiset") J.S. Bach

Volume 5

1. Praeludium, J.K.F.Fischer

2. Pastorella, J.Marpurg

3. Madeleine´s Song, G.Rönnberg

4. Perparatory Exercise, D. Buxtehude

5. Postlude, M.G.Fischer

6. Cantilena, J.H.Knecht

7. March, H.Purcell

8. Organprelude, G.Mankell

9. Prelude, V.Lübeck

10. Trio, G.A.Sorge

11. March(Midsummer Night´s dream)            F.Mendelssohn

12. Prelude, J.Krebs


1. Praeludium, C.P.E.Bach

2. Air from Orchestral Suite No 3,

    BWV 1068, J.S.Bach

3. Postlude, A.Guilmant

4. Le cygne - Le carnaval des animaux,

    C.Saint-saêns, arr A.Guilmant

5. Pedal - Exercitium BWV 598, J.S. Bach

6. Prelude E Minor, N.Bruhns

7. Menuet gothique, L Boëllmann

8. Marche-Sortie, T.Dubois

9. Prelude in C, J. C. Kellner

10. Cortége, L. Vierne

11. Verset-Fantaisie, A.Guilmant

12. Radetzky March, J. Strauss

13. Fugue, D Minor BWV 565, J. S. Bach

Suzuki Organ School, volume 1: ISBN 1-5895-1375-4
Suzuki Organ School, volume 2: ISBN 1-5895-1377-0
CD volumes 1 and 2: ISBN 1-58951-376-2, (På Alfred Publishing finns det enbart på iTunes)
Suzuki Organ School, volume 3: ISBN 0-7390-4146-0
Suzuki Organ School, volume 4: ISBN 0-7390-4147-9
CD volumes 3 and 4: ISBN 0-7390-4145-2 (På Alfred Publishing finns det enbart på iTunes)
Suzuki Organ School, volume 5: ISBN-10: 0-7390-5871-1
Suzuki Organ School, volume 6: ISBN-10: 0-7390-5872-X
Suzuki Organ School, volume 7: ISBN 147064021X
Suzuki Organ School, volume 8: ISBN 1470640228