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Pedal Extensions


One set consists of six "lower" pedals.

Complete with one or several "upper" pedals.

Due to lack of time, we currently only have the possibility to manufacture pedals for those who buy the teacher training course.

The single pedal extensions, so-called singel pedals, have been developed during the last year, and are easier now to use. You correct them easy in a few seconds to fit any organ pedal. They weigh very little, and are easy to carry. As a teacher you have a much better working position, when you sit by the side of the student, and show on the original pedals.

The most common is to order a set of single pedal extensions with 6 pedals. The height is 20 cm. If a child learns very fast, you may also need to buy an upper pedal, if the pieces also contain such pedal notes. But usually you don´t need that, since you might be playing on the original pedals when the child start to play the pieces that require upper pedals.
When the students grow older (7 years of age), you can for a while lower the bench a little and use the original pedals when they play hands and feet together or train the pedal part. And when they train just the hands, you can heighten the bench to get best possible ergonomic conditions.

One set of six pedals in the latest design.

They are placed on the pedals, that the piece consists of.

The teacher sits on the left hand of the student, and shows on the original pedals, and thereby gets a much better ergonomic conditions.

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Home practise organ

For the moment in my knowledge I can recommend to order home practise organs in Sweden, from Music Music. They pick out manual, manual stand, pedal and bench from different suppliers. Then you get a good home practise organ. The price is around 5 000 Euro. For the moment, I don´t know a cheaper good home practice organ.

Cantorum Duo.

Home practise organs, the students borrow at the culture school.

This organ I use in the classroom. It has a height-adjustable manual and bench.

But for the youngest children, I still use singel pedal extensions, because otherwise I can´t get a place to sit next to the student and show.

I have bought it from kirkeorgel in Denmark.

The cost is approx. 100,000 SEK

I hope for the development of home practice organs to be in the hands of engineers that are working with new improved technological solutions. This development that will be aiming to provide an affordable, light weight, user friendly organ for the future, without sacrificing performance, quality of sound and feeling. An organ for all!