Webb teacher training course

Suzuki organ-method – Level 1

The web teacher training course is a unique opportunity for organists to start the training to become Suzuki organ teachers – level one - through self-studies. It is efficient, affordable and easily accessible and costs 3 400 SEK.

The education is personal, and gives you an opportunity to consult with me via e-mail.

In the teacher training, among other things, you will learn:

  • to play all the pieces in book 1 and 2 in the same way as you later will teach the children
  • where all the difficulties (teaching points) are in the pieces, and how to teach, and to make it easier for the children to learn
  • understand all the basic in the methodology and know how to communicate this to students and parents
  • how to teach sight reading from other literature in the beginning, and later apply this technique on the Suzuki literature
  • how to use games while practicing with the children and also helping the parents to do this

115 pages of text-material and 5 hours instruction videos

The education contains 115 pages of text material and five hours of instructions videos.

The whole base for the Suzuki organ methodology)

In the videos I show and explain very clear in detail how to teach and play step by step every piece in book 1 and 2 with a very methodical approach. So the videos are not lessons with children. The videos together with the written material are very pedagogical, and covers all the knowledge I have taught for 20 years in the university teacher training courses.  All videos are in English.

The text material describes thoroughly the corner stones in the Suzuki method and the theoretical knowledge of teaching. It also contains a list of all the “teaching points” for the pieces in book 1 and 2. I describe the way of working between student-parent-teacher and give advices and ideas about how to create a good environment for teaching, learning, practicing, performing and social interaction.
All the text material and videos are in English. 

The Suzuki pedagogy training is a solid eduation that leads to being able to teach children of all ages with the Suzuki method.

Information to all organists!

I have got requests from organists about the self-study education.
I want to make clear that in the videos (5 hours) I show very detailed how to work with pedagogical moves to make the children be relaxed, and I tell very detailed how to teach in every little step, so the education really cover all the teaching of the Suzuki organ method.
There is also a separate video “How to start with a new student” that shows all there is to think of. You will find the education for self-study very complete.

The webeducation - five Episodes

The level one education consists of five Episodes. When you order the education you will get the folders for the five Episodes by post. You will also get a web account with a personal login for the instruction videos.

You order the web education by filling in the form ”Web teacher training course” under the tab “Orders”, or click on the link below.

There you write your name and address where I shall send the written material. After you have paid for the education, I will send the Episodes by post to you, and you will get a personal login to your web account to see all the videos.

Web teacher traning course

Price: 3 400 SEK (Lowered from 5 500 SEK)

(4 February - 2023 - current course: €300 or $325 US)

To order the web education,  click here!

(Banks may have different fees for international money transfers. Please check this and pay additional fees above the cost of the course.)

 Web teacher education. Text material. 5 episodes

                          Content of the Web education

Episode 1 Shinichi Suzuki Corner Stones
Ergonomic conditions
Practice advices for the

teacher trainees
Twinkle variations
How to play and teach

piece no. 1 – 7, Book 1

Episode 2
Parent course
Fun with practice
Games and Bonus systems
One lesson – one point
Practice routines for the children
How to play and teach

piece no. 8 – 18, Book 1

Episode 3
How to start with a new student
Body posture
To teach an organ piece step by step To prepare a student to perform
How to play and teach

piece no. 19 – 26, Book 1 +
piece no. 1-3, Book 2

Episode 4
To think about when you are teaching
How to teach step by step
Different ways to help the student

Stop and Stop – prepare
How to play and teach

piece no. 4-10, Book 2

Episode 5
Playing scales
Sight reading
Group lessons
How to play and teach

piece no. 11-17, Book 2


Formal Course description - Suzuki organ teacher training course - level 1

    The course is primarily aimed at organists who are interested in teaching children how to play the organ based on the Suzuki methodology.          The course includes the two first books from the Suzuki organ school - level 1 training for Suzuki organ teachers.


    • Basic studies in Suzuki philosophy (Read ”Nurtured by Love: The Classical Approach to Talent Education by Shinichi Suzuki, Suzuki Method International, 198301, ISBN 0874875846)
    • Basic studies and understanding of the fundamentals of the Suzuki methodology
    • Study of all pieces in books 1 and 2, Suzuki Organ School ( Learn all pieces in the first and second book by heart and also each stop separately)
    • Individual lessons to emphasis on the pedagogical aspects of organ technique and the feeling for tone attack and articulation (interactive extra course)
    • Study technical progress in literature based on "teaching points” for each piece as well as methodology and pedagogics
      (Note! These ”teaching points” must be learned using special methods for the first and second books, with extra emphasis placed
      on the variations in "Twinkle Twinkle little star".)
    • Study of video recordings with Suzuki methodology being taught to children. (Gunilla´s YouTube lessons)
    • Theoretical study of the teaching relation between teacher/child/parent

 ESA - exam 2004

Formal ESA-exam

(European Suzuki Association)

Formal ESA Suzuki Teachers’ Examinations are an integral part of this education. When you have taken the introductory web education, you also have the possibility to take a follow-up interactive web course for me. This interactive web course can lead to the European Suzuki Association’s Level One Suzuki Teachers’ Examination. The exams are arranged interactively or IRL in accordance with the ESA’s framework for Suzuki teacher training and take place after completing the course. You can read about it under the tab ”Interactive follow-up course”

Suzuki teacher training

There are five levels in Suzuki teacher training programs. To be allowed to take level 4 and 5 you have to have some formal concert musician education. To be able to take level one for organ, you have to have a degree on organ.
Leven 1 is the most important one. You will learn the entire methodology and the approach. You also learn how to teach book 1 and 2. After taking level one, you can transfer the approach to all the pieces in the other books in the Suzuki organ school and to all other literature.
Until now I have just developed three levels of teacher training courses for organ. Level two contains the methodology for book 3 and 4, and level three contains the methodology for book 5 and 6. The teacher training course for level two and three are for the moment just available as interactive web courses upon request.