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RPT – Relaxed Playing Technique

Coaching in piano technique and Suzuki pedagogics for organ and piano

  • Are you a pianist and want to be inspired in training by coaching in relaxed playing technique?
  • Are you piano or organ pedagogue and want further training in pedagogics for organ or piano?
  • Do you need advices how to make your students play with relaxed hands?
  • Do you want to learn how to be totally relaxed in your own playing, and how to use the smallest amount of energy?
  • Do you want to develop your playing technique to be able to play fast without beeing tired in your hands and arms?
  • Do you have ace in your hands or arms after years of tensions while playing?

    Find the most efficient playing technique !

    I can help you and give advices how to teach, and how to practise yourself to be relaxed and improve your playing technique. With interactive web lessons i real time you get coaching on your own playing and the pedagogical approach. I will help you to play perfectly relaxed, and get the most efficient way of playing, where you use minimal energy. This prevents you from being tired in your hands and arms and makes you avoid tensions. I will help you with your specific problems.

    I have worked for many years developing technique exercises, and also worked a lot with tonalization and musical expression. You will get practical exercises where you learn to use a minimum of energy while playing, and how to gain speed in total relaxation. You will learn how to create different sounds, and get coaching when it comes to musical expression in the pieces you are practicing.

    Interactive web lesson

    Cost:  1000 SEK/hour  (Exchange rate 200621: 95 Euro/106 US-dollar)

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    Teach the students to play relaxed from the beginning

    You will find exersices on my channel on YouTube under ”RPT - Relaxed Playing Technique”

    Gripping staccato, Part 2

    How interactive web lessons work

    Interactive web lessons with Vanessa,

    5 years old

    Interactive web lessons with Ebba,

    10 years old

    Let your child take lessons for me

    Children all over the world can learn to play the organ or the piano, by taking interactive web lessons for me continuously.

    During the spring 2020 I taught all my organ and piano students interacitve, with a very successful result.

    The interactive lessons function independently from lessons in real time. Like in an ordinary teaching situatioan, the parents involvment is neccesary if the children are between 5-7 years old.
    The lessons are 30 minutes once a week. With different cameras the children see my hands and feet as if you are sitting in the same room.
    You will find lessons with me on my channel on  YouTube under ”RPT - Relaxed Playing Technique”

    Interactive web lessons with children and youngsters

    Cost: 500 SEK/30 min   (Exchange rate 200620: 47 Euro/53 US-dollar)

    For expression of interest for interactive web lessons,

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