Interactive follow-up course after the web education

After have undergone the web education, you have also possibility to take interactive web lessons for me. The number of teaching hours are according to your needs to prepare for the ESA-exam.
This is an opportunity to get coaching and feedback about how you are playing and teaching. I follow up and check that you have understood and execute, in a right manner, the pedagogical moves that we use to help the students to relax, and that you have understood the methodical approach in a correct way.
(This is thoroughly shown in the videos in the web education, so many will understand and perform correctly. But for some organists, it´s valuable to also get personal coaching.)

Suzuki organ lessons, Lucas 8 years old

We can discuss different difficulties that may occur by the students, and how you as a teacher can work with this. You will also get concrete advices about how to deal with children with different difficulties.
If you have a student, you can also show how you teach different pieces, and I can give advices about how to make the approach more effective, and become even clearer in communication with the student. You can get advices on pedagogical issues and raise different problems that you face in the teaching context.

After completing the web education, you are very well prepared, which make the interactive web lessons very efficient. If you pass the follow-up lessons, you will get a certificate that you have completed the Suzuki teacher training course – level 1 - for Gunilla Rönnberg, and also have permission to take the ESA - exam.

  Teacher training course. Level 1. Stockholm 2009 - 2010

Interactive follow-up lessons for those who have undergone the web education 

Cost:  1000 SEK/hour (Including WAT, Taxes and Healt insurence.)

For expression of interest for the interactive follow-up lessons click here!

Formal ESA-exam (European Suzuki association)

For those who pass the follow-up course, you are allowed to undergo a formal level-one examination for the European Suzuki Association. The exams can possibly be arranged interactively or IRL in accordance with the ESA’s framework for Suzuki teacher training, and is an integral part of the education which is paid directly to the examiner panel.

To qualify for the exam for an international jury, one must pass the interactive follow-up lessons. To have time to go through all the pieces, 20 hours may be needed. It may also take less time, depending on how prepared you are.

Interactive follow-up course to prepare for the ESA-exam 

Cost:  1000 SEK/hour (including VAT, Taxes and Health insurance)

For expression of interest for the interactive follow-up course click here!

ESA Exam (Paid directly to the examiner panel)

Approx. Cost: 20 000 SEK (including VAT, Taxes and Health insurance) plus costs for the jury's travel and allowances if the examination takes place IRL.

( The cost can be shared between 4 people depending on whether there are more examinees who can take the exam at the same time.)

                       ESA - exam 2004