Relaxed playing technique

    and teaching by the Suzuki method

Playing softly and relaxed is the basis for being able to make music freely and musically.

By using all the tools of the Suzuki method in your teaching, you develop children's playing skills successfully, and children and parents get mutual interest in life.

Web teacher training course, organ - 3 400 SEK

The web teacher training course will make the whole education more efficient and economically accessible.

Get coaching to achieve relaxed playing technique

Through interactive web lessons you can get training and help, both in your own playing and for your students, with different exercises to achieve relaxation and make you use the least amount of energy while playing.

Let your child play the organ

or the piano

Through interactive web lessons you can let your child play for me continuously in a very easy way. Encouraging and giving children confidence and joy in learning is a cornerstone of the method.

Teach the organ by the

Suzuki method

The teacher training course is one of the most substantial methodologies for teaching an instrument.
The methodology is suitable for teaching all ages - from 3 years of age to adults.

Comments about the web education

2 Skärmklipp, Vanessa, Sam och jag
2 Skärmklipp, jag och alva

 “Your video presentation is charming and very methodical. I have been following your internet training sessions         whenever I find the time, and I am enjoying them thoroughly. There is clearly a great deal of work that you have       put into conception and their production. Congratulations!”
  Professor Carl Van Wyk, Music Theory and Composition, Suzuki Music Institute of Dallas

  “The web education is a wonderful learning experience. Looking forward to learning more from you!”
   Dr. Melody Chen, Organ professor at Taiwan Theological Seminary,

   Dean of Taiwan Chapter - American Guild of Organists

The organ is a fantastic instrument to teach children. It is fun to be able to use so many different sounds, and to play with the feet! A simple melody in the manual, and a couple of base notes in the pedal registrated “tutti”, is very impressing. This is so exciting for children.
                                                    "To be a Suzuki teacher is most inspiring and enriches your life in many ways."

                                                                                                         / Gunilla Rönnberg Hedenström


Watch the documentary:

"The Story of the Suzuki organ method" about the development of the Suzuki organ method during 20 years. See how organists around the world have taught and

achieved amazing results!