Lärkvallen training center

Hear do the courses take place, and you can also stay in one of the houses.

Gunilla in the organ studio at Lärkvallen Training Center

The kitchen in the training center.

The apartment on the training center.
Beach near Ängelholm

25 km from the training center.

The entire education (5 Episodes - self studies) is now for sale!

Suzuki organ teacher training courses – level 1

“Give children the possibility to play one of the most powerful instruments on the earth!”

“Create an interest of organ playing for children with all its traditions and innovatory potential!”

 “Let the children playing the organ in the services” “Create the organ composers for the future!”

 “Ensure the quality of the organists in the future!”

“Take the opportunity to:
- Start a new movement and education for organ playing in the world
- Be a pioneer the field of organ education in your country and region ”

The approach of the methodology is perfect for teaching all ages!
(From 3 years to adults)


Web education – Suzuki organ teacher training course – level 1

NOW ! Releasing the web teacher training course in the Suzuki organ method- level 1.
The web education is an unique opportunity for organists to train and become Suzuki organ teachers – level one - through self-studies. It is affordable and easily accessible. The education is a complement to, and a part of the traditional ESA (European Suzuki Association)- teacher training.

In the teacher training, among other things, you will learn:
• to play all the pieces in the same way as you later will teach the children
• where all the difficulties are in the pieces(teaching points), and how to teach, and to make it easier for the children to learn.
• how to teach sight reading from other literature in the beginning, and later apply this technique on the Suzuki literature.
• how to use games while practicing with the children and also helping the parents to do this.

Read more about the content of the web education and the complementary course at Lärkvallens training center in the folder below.

read more about the web educationWeb education + 5-days-course at Lärkvallen´s training center – Folder to print out

Order of the web education  Link to "Order of the web education"

Complementary 5-days course at Lärkvallen´s training center

To get coaching on your own playing and the pedagogical approach, I also offer a complementary 5-days-course after the web education at Lärkvallen´s training center. There we will work on pedagogical moves that we will use in the beginning of the organ studies to promote relaxation. We will discuss different difficulties that may occured by the students and how you as a teacher to work with them.
(All this is carefully shown in the videos of the web education, but for many organists its valuable to have the possibility to also get personal coaching)

Link:  Application to the “Complementary 5-days-course at Lärkvallens training center”


Skåne has an amazing nature, with a great variety. Within 35 minutes with a car from Larkvallen´s training center, you reach long beautiful sand beaches and steep cliffs by the sea, and nature reserves in leafy beech forests with fantastic walking trails. The famous opera singer, Birgit Nilsson´s home is nearby, and is nowadays a highly appreciated museum.

During the courses I offer the participants who wish, to drive and guide you to these nice excursions, where you also get very appreciated holiday adventures, in addition to the inspiring Suzuki teaching. This is included in the price and costs nothing extra, except entry to the Museum.

We finish the entire course with a nice dinner at Lärkvallens training center.

Information to all organists!

I have got requests from organists about the self-study education.
I want to make clear that in the videos (5 hours) I show very detailed how to work with pedagogical moves to make the children be relaxed, and I tell very detailed how to teach in every little step, so the education really cover all the teaching of the Suzuki organ method.
There is also a separate video “How to start with a new student” that shows all there is to think of.
For those who find it difficult to come here for the complementary 5-days course, I think you will find the education for self-study very complete.
The complementary 5-days course is an opportunity I give for the organists who want to get coaching and to have response about how they are playing and teaching.
But the videos together with the written material are very pedagogical, so I really think many organists will manage with only this.
After some years maybe you will think it would be good with some reminders and inspiration, and then you are very welcome to come here!

Just fill in the form for ordering of the education, and then I will give you a reference code number and a bank account, and when you have transferred the payment, I will send you the material by post.



Suzuki organ teacher training course – level 1 - Two weeks

For those who would like to get all the training from me directly, and prefer this to tutorials, I offer 2 five-days-courses at Lärkvallens training center. This training you can read about in the folder below.

Read more about 2 weeks course at the training centerTeacher training course, 2 x 5 days, at Lärkvallens training center - Folder to print out

Application form, Teacher training course at Lärkvallens Training Center 2 x 5 days

 Link to information film from Lärkvallens Training Center: http://youtu.be/266xPQ8Yw4o

Staying at “Lärkvallens training center”!

If you wish to stay at the training center, there is a cost of 50 SEK (8 US-dollar or 6 Euro)/ night. Sheets and towels are included.

You will stay in a traditional half-timbered house of the region Skåne, with access to practice instruments. In a conservatory with floor heating, you can practice in total silence. The course is also held in this house. If you have a car it is only 25 minutes’ drive to the long sand beaches at Angelholm, where you can walk by the sea. During spring and autumn, or even in early summer mornings, it is almost no one on the beautiful long beaches.

If you stay at the training center, you will have to purchase and cook your own food. We are happy to give you a ride on the first day to the store. When you arrive, we will provide breakfast on the first morning. If there is a place over, you can bring an accompanying companion.

Even if you don´t stay at the training center, you can use the kitchen to cook your lunch or preparing snacks during the days.


Course description – Suzuki organ teacher training course - level 1

The course is primarily aimed at organists who are interested in teaching children how to play the organ based on the Suzuki methodology. The course includes the two first books from the Suzuki organ school - level 1 training for Suzuki organ teachers.


• Basic studies in Suzuki philosophy (Read ”Nurtured by Love: The Classical Approach to Talent Education by Shinichi Suzuki, Suzuki Method International, 198301, ISBN 0874875846)
• Basic studies and understanding of the fundamentals of the Suzuki methodology
• Study of all pieces in books 1 and 2, Suzuki Organ School ( Learn all pieces in the first and second book by heart and also each stop separately)
• Individual lessons to emphasis on the pedagogical aspects of organ technique and the feeling for tone attack and articulation (at Lärkvallen´s training center)
• Study technical progress in literature based on "teaching points” for each piece as well as methodology and pedagogics (Note! These ”teaching points” must be learned using special methods for the first and second books, with extra emphasis placed on the variations in "Twinkle little star".)
• Study of video recordings with Suzuki methodology being taught to children. (at Lärkvallen´s training center)
• Theoretical study of the teaching relation between teacher/child/parent

After the education you will be able to:

• play and teach all pieces in book 1 and 2 and each stop separately.
• account for all ”teaching points”and make suggestions regarding tone attack exercises and preparatory exercises and how these are best taught.
• understand all the basic in the methodology and know how to communicate this to students and parents.

Teacher trainer:

Gunilla Rönnberg

Lärkvallens training center, Örkelljungavägen 14 24
266 95 Munka - Ljungby,

Telephone: +46 (0) 725- 54 08 88

E-mail: gunilla.ronnberg@suzukiorgan.com


Formal ESA-exam

For those who would like to, it is possible to undergo a formal level-one examination of the European Suzuki Association. The exam is organized once every two years and is outside the training. To be allowed to take the exam for an international jury, one must pass some of the courses at Lärkvallen´s training center.

Suzuki teacher training

There are five levels in Suzuki teacher training programs. To be allowed to take level 4 and 5 you have to have some formal concert musician education. To be able to take level one for organ, you have to have a degree on organ.

Leven 1 is the most important one. You will learn the entire methodology and the approach. You also learn how to teach book 1 and 2. After taking level one, you can transfer the approach to all the pieces in the rest of the organ school and to all other literature.

Until now I have just developed two levels of teacher training courses for organ. Level two contains the methodology for book 3 and 4. The teacher training course for level two is for the moment just available as courses at Lärkvallen´s training center upon request.





Teacher Training Courses, Suzuki organ method

Teacher Training Course, Härnösand, Level 2, 06-07

Teacher Training Course, Salt Lake City, Level 1, 2007

Teacher training course, Royal Academy of Stockholm, Level 1, 09-10
Training center, organ studio

This is the organ studio at the training center.
The sea near Ängelholm

25 km from the Training Center is this beautiful beach.
Beech forest

Beech forest near the Training Center
Söderåsens nature reserve

30 minutes from the training center is this nature reserve.

View from Söderåsens nature reserve

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